British Seismology Meeting 2019
4th- 6th September
Informatics Forum, Edinburgh, UK

Preliminary schedule:

Tue, Sept 3:Welcome drink in the Informatics Forum, 18:00 - 19:30
Wed, Sept 4:Scientific sessions, EQ-quiz and icebreaker
Thu, Sept 5:Scientific sessions, poster session and conference dinner,
including an invited speech and prizes
Fri, Sept 6:Scientific sessions, closing remarks

Wednesday 4th September

9:00 – 11:00

11:00 – 11:15
WELCOME: Anton Ziolkowski and Dmitry Storchak

Session 1: Human-Induced Seismicity, Chair: Dmitry Storchak
11.15 Stephen Myers, M. E. Pasyanos, G. Ichinose, D. A. Dodge, S. R. Ford, R. J. Mellors, W. R. Walter KEYNOTE: Seismological Analysis of the Announced DPRK Nuclear Tests
11:45 Corinna Roy, Xi. Zhang, A. Nowacki, A. Curtis and B. Baptie Robust uncertainties in local earthquake magnitudes: Implications for traffic light systems for induced seismicity
12.10 Stephen Hicks, J. Verdon, B. Baptie, R. Luckett, Z. Mildon, T. Gernon A shallow earthquake swarm close to hydrocarbon activities: discriminating between natural and induced causes for the 2018–19 Surrey, UK earthquake sequence
12.35 Anton Ziolkowski Source Time Functions of North Korean Nuclear Tests
13:00 - 14:00 LUNCH
Session 2 Deep Mantle/Volcano Seismology/Rock Physics, Chair: Andy Bell
14:00 Atalay Ayele KEYNOTE: Magmatic rifting and seismicity in Afar and northern Main Ethiopian Rift (MER)
14:30 Joseph P. R. Asplet, J. Wookey, and J-M. Kendall Discrepant SKS-SKKS shear-wave splitting suggests a post-perovskite province in D'' beneath the Eastern Pacific
14:45 Alexis Cartwright-Taylor, I. G. Main, I. B. Butler, F. Fusseis, A. King and M. Flynn How Heterogeneity Affects the Microcrack Network Evolution in Deforming Rocks Revealed by 4D In-Situ X-Ray Microtomography.
15:20 G. Papageorgiou, Z. Jin, I. H. Falcon-Suarez, M. Chapman, A. Best Seismic propagation and anisotropy in partially saturated fractured rocks.
15:45 – 16:15 BREAK AND POSTERS
Session 3: Data and Software, Chair: Alice Walker
16:10 Dmitry A. Storchak, J. Harris, K. Lentas, L. Brown, D. Di Giacomo and P. Franek Recent ISC Data and Service Releases
16:35 Richard Luckett Seismic Data from the UK Geoenergy Observatories
17:00 Burak Sakarya, E.R. Engdahl, C. G. Gkarlaouni, J. Harris, D. Di Giacomo and D A. Storchak The refined ISC-EHB dataset for 1964 to 2016
17:30 – 19:00 ICEBREAKER

Thursday 5th September

Session 4: Lithosphere Imaging 1, Chair: Calum Macdonald
09:00 Stephen P. Hicks, L. Bie, N. Harmon, C. Rychert, Andreas Rietbrock, B. Maunder, S. S. Wei, S. Goes, G. Cooper, and the rest of the VoiLA consortium group KEYNOTE: Seismic imaging of volatile cycling in the Lesser Antilles subduction zone
09:30 Emma L. Chambers, N. Harmon, D. Keir, R. Gallacher and C. A. Rychert Imaging melt movements from the mantle to the crust using a joint inversion of Rayleigh waves and ambient noise tomography
09:55 David G. Cornwell, S. Rost, D. A. Thompson, G. Houseman, G. Taylor, E. Papaleo, A. Williamson, J. O’Flaherty, S. A. Poyraz, M. Kahraman, U. Teoman, N. Turkelli, L. Gulen, M. Utkucu Lithospheric structure, anisotropy and seismicity of the active North Anatolian Fault, Turkey
10:20 Itahisa González Álvarez, S. Rost, A. Nowacki and Neil Selby Lithospheric Scattering and Structure from Teleseismic P Waveforms
10:45 – 11:15 BREAK AND POSTERS
Session 5: Lithosphere Imaging 2, Chair: Andrew Curtis
11:15 Amy Gilligan, D. G. Cornwell, N. Rawlinson, J. Jenkins, S. Pilia, F. Tongkul, KEYNOTE: Understanding Post-Subduction Tectonics: Constraints from the North Borneo Orogeny Seismic Survey (nBOSS)
11:45 Omry Volk, R. S. White, S. Pilia, R. Green, J. Maclennan and N. Rawlinson Crustal Flow and Formation in Iceland from Radial Anisotropy
12:10 E. Crowder, N. Rawlinson, D. Cornwell, C. Sammarco, E. Galleti, A. Curtis Ambient noise tomography of the North Sea and surrounding landmasses
12:35 – 13:40 LUNCH
Session 6: Near Surface Seismology, Chair: Chris Browitt
13:40 John Brittan and Ian Jones KEYNOTE: Contemporary Exploration Seismic Imaging – Where we are and what comes next
14:10 Andrew Curtis, S. Earp, X. Zhang, and S. de Ridder Near-Real Time Nonlinear Probabilistic Ambient Noise Tomography
14:35 Calum Macdonald, M. Chapman, G. Bayrakci, J.M. Bull, T.A. Minshull and G. Provenzano Results from a multi-frequency wide-angle seismic experiment at an active pockmark complex in the northern North Sea
15:00 Mark Chapman Anisotropic attenuation as an indicator of fractures, fluids and permeability
15:25 – 16:00 BREAK AND POSTERS
Session 7: Earthquake Hazard/Earthquake Location, Chair: Ian Main
16:00 Margarita Segou KEYNOTE: Advances in Earthquake Forecasting
16:30 Gemma Cremen, M. J. Werner and B. Baptie Understanding Induced Seismicity Hazard Related to Shale Gas Exploration in the UK
16:55 Timothy J. Craig A (semi-)automatic approach for the determination of accurate source depths for moderate-magnitude earthquakes using teleseismic data.
17:20 Tom Garth, K. Sigloch and D. Storchak Full waveform constraints on earthquake depth, mechanism and source time function and their associated uncertainties.

17:45 – 18:45 Drinks and Posters

18:45 Meet to walk over to Conference Dinner

19:00 CONFERENCE DINNER @ Surgeon’s Hall, Edinburgh

With invited speech

Roger Musson: Seismology was invented in Edinburgh

Friday 6th September

Session 8: Earthquake Seismology 1, Chair: Nicholas Rawlinson
09:00 Frederik Tilmann (Invited) with G. Asch, S. Barrientos, J. Bedford, M. Gassenmeier, J. Münchmeyer, O. Oncken, M. Moreno, B. Schurr, C. Sens-Schönfelder, C. Sippl, H. Soto, F.Vera, J.-P. Vilotte The Value of Patience—a Review of a Decade of Observations of the North Chilean Subduction with the Integrated Plate boundary Observatory Chile (IPOC)
09:30 Mario Arroyo and L. Linkimer The Gutenberg-Richter law and completeness of the RSN earthquake catalog, Costa Rica
09:55 Abdelhakim Ayadi, K. Roumane, A. Harbi and F. Ousadou Algerian seismic catalogue: from archaeological and macroseismic observations
10:20 Tae-Kyung Hong, J. Lee, S. Park, I. Kim, and W. Kim Induction of Crustal Seismic Anisotropy and Seismicity Change in Intraplate Region After a Regional Megathrust Earthquake
10:45 – 11:15 BREAK AND POSTERS
Session 9: Earthquake Seismology 2, Chair: Sheila Peacock
11:15 Felix Halpaap, S. Rondenay, A. Perrin, S. Goes, L. Ottemöller, F. Millet, H. Austrheim, R. Shaw and T. Eeken Earthquakes track subduction fluids from slab source to mantle wedge sink
11:40 Tae-Kyung Hong, E. Choi, J. Lee, S. Park, I. H. Baek, and W. Kim A different view on the 15 November 2017 Mw5.5 Pohang earthquake in South Korea
12:05 Supriyanto Rohadi, Y. Pradana, T. Azhar, S. Pakpahan, B. Sunardi, and D. Karnawati Seismicity Data Analysis: Study Case Historical and Recent Earthquake in Indonesia
12:30 N. Rawlinson, L. T. White, F. Waldhauser, B. Hejrani, D. A. Thompson and H. Tkalčić Earthquake swarms in the mantle wedge
12:55 Marie Balon, P. Hill, S. Neglia and S. de Clercq New Sensor Technology in Ocean Bottom Systems: Güralp Aquarius, a versatile solution
13:20 – 13:30 CLOSING REMARKS
13:30 – 14:30 LUNCH

BSM2019 Posters

Session 1: Human-Induced Seismicity
1 Sheila Peacock, N. Selby and D. Bowers High-frequency Rayleigh Waves from Announced Underground Nuclear Explosions by the Democratic People's Republic of Korea
Session 2: Deep Mantle/Volcano Seismology/Rock Physics
2 Kai Deng and T.-R. A. Song Toward Mapping P-wave Azimuthal Anisotropy near the Core-Mantle Boundary using Novel Observations of Core-Diffracted Waves PcSdiff
3 Jennifer Jenkins and S. Cottaar Application of crustal seismic methods to image detailed core-mantle boundary structure
4 Andrew F. Bell, S. Hernandez, J. McCloskey, M. Ruiz, P. C. LaFemina, C. Bean, J. Grannell, & M. Möllhoff Dynamic Earthquake Triggering Promoted by System Criticality at Sierra Negra Volcano, Galapagos Islands
Session 3: Data and Software
5 Kathrin Lieser, L. Brown, D. Storchak, J. Harris, B. Shumba, R. Verney, E. Ayres, C. Gkarlaouni, B. Sarkaya, D. Di Giacomo, K.s Lentas, J. Eve The ISC Rebuild Project: Creating Consistency in the World’s Most Comprehensive Seismic Bulletin
6 Carlo Cauzzi, S. Custódio, C. Evangelidis, P. Guéguen, L. Luzi, T. Meier, H.Pedersen, J.r Quinteros, R. Sleeman, and Frederik Tilmann ORFEUS Infrastructure for High-Quality Seismic Data Distribution in Europe: Status and Challenges Posed by the Big Data Era
Sessions 4 & 5: Lithospheric Imaging
7 Deborah Wehner, N. Blom and N. Rawlinson Towards 3-D Seismic Structure of the Crust and Upper Mantle beneath Southeast Asia from Adjoint Waveform Tomography
8 Conor Bacon, R. S. White, N. Rawlinson Depth Constraints on Seismic Anisotropy in Iceland from Shear Wave Splitting Measurements
9 Tim Greenfield, N. Rawlinson, A. Copley, P. Supendi and S. Widiyantoro Characterising complex subduction zone interaction beneath northern Sulawesi
10 Eoghan J. Totten, K. Hosseini, Tarje-Nissen-Meyer and K. Sigloch Towards finite frequency tomography using regional body waves
Session 6: Near Surface Seismology
11 Antony Butcher, J.-M. Kendall and A. Ridsdale Piezoelectric Seismic Measurements for Engineering Applications
12 Adam Klinger, M. Werner, J. Verdon Insights into the spectra of micro-seismicity from hydraulic fracturing in the Horn-River basin, British Columbia.
13 Louise Parkes, M. Chapman and A. Curtis Passive Seismic Investigation into Anisotropy over a Gas Chimney
14 Xin Zhang, Fredrik Hansteen, A. Curtis and S. de Ridder 3D Monte Carlo ambient noise tomography of Grane field
15 Gina-Maria Geffers, M. Naylor and I. Main Biases in Estimating Hazard from Small Earthquake Catalogues
Session 7: Earthquake Hazards/Earthquake Location
16 Bambang Sunardi, S. Rohadi, D. Karnawati, M. Fikri H.l Hiola, A. R. Hakim, and Sulastri Estimation of Site Amplification in Mataram City During August 5, 2018 Mw 7 Lombok Earthquake
17 Hugo Bloem, A. Curtis and H. Maurer Linear Versus Nonlinear Experimental Design for Source Location Surveys
18 Peter Franek, L. Brown, K. Lentas, Tom Garth, J. Harris and D. A. Storchak Depth Phase and First Motion Polarity Waveform Picking at the ISC to Improve the Accuracy of Depth and Source Mechanism Determinations
19 S.E.J. Nippress, R.G. Heyburn, R.J. Walters, and A.R. Watson Relocation and seismicity of the aseismic central Iranian plateau
Sessions 8 & 9: Earthquake Seismology
20 Farida Ousadou and A. Ayadi Stress Tensor in the Cheliff Neogene Basin from Focal Mechanism Inversion: Comparison with Surface Observations
21 Kirsty Bayliss, M. Naylor and I. G. Main Spatial Modelling Of Earthquakes With Log-Gaussian Cox Processes/td>
22 AbelKarim Yelles-Chaouche, H. Beldjoudi, I. Abacha and O. Boulahia Source parameters of the recent main seismic events and stress field variations in Northern Algeria